Open-Miles Protocol

The Open-Miles Protocol (OMP) is our in-house developed DLT-based algorithm, that allows us to redistribute value in FFM ecosystems in a more efficient and economically sustainable way. Through the OMP, airlines are able to reduce mile-bound liabilities while improving customer relationships and customer loyalty by at the same time. 
Most systems nowadays are simply not designed to achieve both, low liability and high loyalty.The OMP’s special design and our extensive research in the aviation sector gives us the edge over existing systems and can accommodate both conflicting goals seamlessly.


The Open-Miles Protocol connects travelers and their miles to airlines and their accounts, allowing the miles to be returned to airlines faster, while still keeping the intrinsic value of frequent flyer miles in circulation with the customer. Blockflyer hereby only exchanges reward miles and does not interfere with status miles. Furthermore we also do not interfere with the breakage term on miles issued and implement the same term into any specific smart contract.

What we do for airlines:

Through the exchange of miles into the Blockflyer transaction currency, we are able to return miles faster to the issuing airlines, allowing them to eliminate associated deferred liabilities quicker.


Through the special design of the OMP and through carefully crafting customer incentives, Blockflyer can actually improve loyalty while keeping liabilities low.


Returns generated from mile breakage can easily be compensated for through a multiple on that return, generated through increased service consumption and bookings


Market Data
Through having insights in the usage of miles by travlers across frequent flyer programs, we can provide travel habits and travel data per passenger and provide insights to fully personalize the frequent flyer program experience better than ever before