A New Path for Customer Relationship Management

What we do for travelers:

Blockflyer allows travelers to connect all of their frequent flyer programs to one single account. In this account, travelers can exchange any miles into our native virtual currency, giving them only one single currency to deal with. Travelers therefore end up with a higher leverage towards the airlines and are able to buy more goods and services from them at a better price.

What we do for airlines:

We help airlines make their frequent flyer programs more efficient, more reliable and improve their key performance indicatorts overall. Through our unique transactional architecture, we are able to set airlines better off than in the status quo, while simultaneously helping the end customer – the traveler.


Open-Miles Protocol

Through our unique design, our Open-Miles Protocol sets new standards in an industry that hasn’t seen enough innvoation in decades. The Protocol allows us to bring together travelers and airlines in a new way and create a market place for frequent flyers.

Why Blockflyer?

Blockflyer is an innitiative originating from academic research. Our combined expertise allows us to analyse every aspect, reaching from legal over economic to technologial aspects. Our research sets us apart from other projects in this space and has proven a sound foundation. We work closely together with the Center for Aviation Competence (CFAC) at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland


Time for Change

The frequent flyer program industry is USD +700 Bn. industry and is growing at a constant growth rate correlated to the growth in commercial aviation. However, after the first programs were launched back in the 70ies/80ies, the industry has hardly seen any change or innovation. We aspire to change that and revolutionize the way, travelers and airlines see and use frequent flyer miles.


Steven T. Rüttimann, CIPP/E

CoFounder / CEO

  • Stud. BSc. Business Law
  • Zurich’s University of Applied Science (School of Management & Law)
  • Certified Information Privacy Professional (Europe) – CIPP/E
  • Compliance Specialist and Paralegal

Nicolas A. Rehder

CoFounder / CFO

  • Stud. BSc. Industrial Engineering / Econometrics
  • Zurich’s University of Applied Science (School of Engineering)
  • Reporting and Analytics Specialist
  • Trained Polymechanic and Development Planner



Center for Aviation Competence (CFAC) at University of St.Gallen

  • Know-How-Partnership
  • Advisory services


Virginia Tech Global Entrepreneur Challenge 2018

  • Challenge Allumni
  • Representing Switzerland


ZHAW Startup Challenge 2018

  • People’s Choice Award
  • 6-month incubation program at ZHAW’s Runway Incubator


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