Your bank account for frequent flyer miles!

The Blockflyer wallet app allows you to conveniently store, exchange, send/receive and pay with all of your different miles collectively in one single app. Not only that, but you can also use your miles more conveniently than ever by making direct payments for travel-related services via the NFC chip of your smartphone.



  • Collect and store miles from any program.
  • Send/receive miles from/to friends and family.
  • Exchange miles into Blockflyer’s native currency and have more to spend.

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For Airlines

Blockflyer improves loyalty programs not only for travelers but also for airlines. Our Open-Miles Protocol, a unique algorithm designed to create efficiency, wealth and better network effects for all parties involved allows us to not only set travelers better but also improve typical issues associated with frequent flyer miles, such as deferred liabilities on miles in circulation.

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